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Design Research Methods

Design Research Methods

Brainstorming is a group activity that is used to generate a plethora of ideas. Once a design brief or a problem statement is formulated a group of people would ideate on the same. You can build on each other’s idea and it helps facilitate collaboration.

In the current pandemic situation it would be a great exercise to be conducted to generate ideas on how we can combat the same. I believe brainstorming can be effectively used by having a group of individuals with different backgrounds.

Fly on the wall – Observation is free
Fly on the wall is an observatory technique used to capture the customer interaction with a space, its objects and with each other. It requires focused observation on the environment. It will help generate unbiased thoughts. It does not lead to follow up conversations, it is purely based on observation.

Fly on the wall – DAILY LIFE SCENARIO
For creating a collaborative space for banking that moves away from the traditional methods and space of banking environment it would be important to understand the current environment and usage of a bank. Fly on the wall would be a great tool to use in the initial phase to understand how people interact with one another and the environment of a bank.

Need a deeper insight into an interview or a deeper understanding of a problem?
Although it seems persistent, asking why 5 times in a row will help you gain deeper understanding of the topic at hand and can also help you narrow down the root cause of a problem. Just remember not to ask horizontal questions.

The 5 why tool helped me gain an understanding of why children with a visual impairment were not introduced to innovative braille systems during early years of schooling. While conducting the interview with the teacher I had repeatedly asked why 5 times in a row in the form of deeper questions based on her response.
Insight gained from this tool : As a child would start off with using a pencil before of a pen, blind students start off with a traditional slate and pin over a modern braille writer. If a braille dysfunctions the child will not feel equipped, as it is a machine at the end of the day.

Business Model Canvas – WHAT IS IT ?
Business Model Canvas is a visual representation of the working of a business. It is a framework that helps collate all the elements involved while creating a business model such as the partners involved, if the revenue covers the cost, the value preposition of the company and more. It helps map out how the business operates and its entire ecosystem.

Business Model Canvas – DAILY LIFE SCENARIO
Pick-a-book is a book borrowing and delivery service I had created for my service design project. The service has a collaboration with libraries and were meant for all book lovers.
Creating a Business Model Canvas for the same helped gain a deeper understanding of how the service would function as a business. It was a great tool to refer to while creating the business plan for the same.

A day in the life
How does your user interact with their ecosystem?
A day in the life is a tool used to study the user in which the designer observes the participant in the location and context of their usual activities, observing and documenting events to gain an understand of the activities from the user’s perspective. It is a user centric approach.

A day in the life – DAILY LIFE SCENARIO
For a creating a service to ease the life of an individual who is colour blind, a day in the life could be utilised to understand their behaviour pattern, their interactions with objects, environment and other people. You could also ask them questions while they are utilising a touchpoint such as what do you find most difficult while using a phone? Are directions easy to comprehend? etc.
Often what is said is not done therefore seeing them perform the activities would give you a good understanding of not only their physical interaction but also their emotions.

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