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5 Questions That Virtual Leaders Should Ask Themselves

5 Questions That Virtual Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Have I revamped my communication plans?
Moving operations virtual means that it’s time to revisit and potentially revamp your communication protocols. As you begin to “revamp,” challenge everything you considered “best practice” before and adjust to your current situation. You may need to adjust your approach based on the preferences of employees, clients and other stakeholders.

Do I need to reset responsibilities to foster success?
Some people thrive while working remotely, while others may feel a lack of motivation or encounter other unforeseen challenges. As a leader, it’s your job to check in regularly with team members about how they are coping. You may find that you need to shift responsibilities around or help those who feel less comfortable.

Am I being strategic enough?
Communicating virtually requires strategic planning because you can’t rely as much on human connection or charisma to carry you. Before every exchange, take time to think about your purpose, audience, and the context of the exchange. Then write down your objectives, agenda, and the amount of time you want to spend on each item.

What more can I do to strengthen the organizational culture?
Teams need to feel connected, not only to the organization’s mission but also to each other. One way to accomplish this is to regularly set aside time for team members to highlight and share wins delivered either to customers, each other, or to the business itself.

Am I keeping my eye on the big picture?
When you’re working remotely, it’s easy to focus solely on the tactical, to stay glued to your computer, fielding email after email, in an earnest, unorganized fashion. Be sure to carve out time to work “on” the business (strategy), as opposed to working “in” the business (operations).

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