Geek Jarvis Services
Front-End Development

We make a design for making your strong presence. We innovate the new looks which leave the good impression on your visitors. The response time and smoothness, we comprehend in your design will help you to rule in the search engine. Our coding experts use the clean W3C validated markup that converts your website to look great.

  • We deliver the mooth navigation and featured rich websites for ruling on the world wide web.
  • It offer fully mobile optimized responsive web development.
  • Complex HTML 5 Animations, Gaming & custom interactivity.
  • Highly functional interface application which accessible on cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device functionality.
Geek Jarvis Services
Custom Web Development

Customize the web development is our strength. We are known for solving difficult technical issues and fixing your website for more secure execution. Our developers team use the latest updated technologies to customize your business requirements. Our programming knowledge and experience help us to create fully-customized, dynamic and interactive web solutions.

  • Community driven sites
  • Complex e-commerce
  • Complex informational sites
  • Multi-functional web portals
  • Membership/Subscription sites
  • Complex web applications
  • Social Networking Applications
Geek Jarvis Services
E-commerce development

We help you to serve your customers best e-commerce experience with the all advanced e-commerce features in your website. We build your website a big market exposure in the industry, in which you can monetize your products in many effective ways without doing extra efforts. The user interface we design for you looks attractive, also provide you easy accessible admin panel for maintaining products. For highly secure transactions we provides the best payment gateways, with flexible options.

  • Magento - Magento Go, Magento Community, Magento Enterprise
  • Volusion, OSCommerce, Woocommerce, ZenCart, Opencart
  • Custom development
Geek Jarvis Services
Mobile Development

Our team members are expert in designing the responsive framework for your website, so it can looks the same in mobile screens too. We offer the multiple solutions for the mobile web development, you can choose the best suited solution for your business.

  • Responsive Website Development
  • Mobile Specific Website Development
  • iOS Mobile App Development
  • Android Mobile App Development
Geek Jarvis Services
Web Application Frameworks

We have the bunch of programming frameworks for our clients. When your handover your idea to us, first we analyze your business needs and then choose the best fitted framework for your website. And will keep it in mind throughout the work process. To meet the clients requirements our designers offers the customizable options to you. We use the best practices object-oriented, and follow the trends coding guidelines for ensures that you can customize your web pages in future.

  • PHP Framework Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend
  • .NET MVC Framework
  • MS Silverlight, MS Sharepoint

Why to make a selection of our Web Development Services

  • We have a technically strong experts team who follows the latest trends on daily basis.
  • We pursue the best coding guidelines and maintains the quality standards.
  • Use the trimmed W3C validated code, so the website will become compatible with multiple platforms and browser.
  • Website structure will be highly feasible.
  • Responsive user oriented interface will be designed.
  • Response time, performance and load should be yardstick before delivering.
  • Latest technologies must be followed before implementing your thoughts in real world.
  • Take cared about the SEO factor while designing.
  • Maintenance work is less after completion.

What you can expect from us

  • Web applications are smooth in use and with advanced functionality match the standard of your business need and expectations.
  • We maintain the transparency in our work process, so you can analyze your project any time, as our web development work endorsed with seamless communication.
  • Our open and smart applications architecture allows you to choose the productive and scalable solutions for your websites.
  • Our extreme high applications reduce the maintenance cost of your website.
  • We have a smartt QA procedures throughout the entire software development life cycle.
  • We provides the ongoing support and maintenance after delivery to upgrade your website with timely updates.