Geek Jarvis Services

Geek Jarvis is the ultimate solution of handling all your social media platforms for branding your business. Social media platforms are used for users engagement, branding and for generating potential leads, and we have the social media experts in our teams. Our experts give your business the far reaching scopes by using the social media platforms and post your businesses activities and services on daily basis for representing your companies transparency.


Geek Jarvis Services We Will Help You To Speak Louders About Your Brand

We target all social media platforms. From Facebook (1 trillion users) to Twitter (16% US citizens use it actively), from Pinterest (the visual sensation) to Google+ (a strong Facebook competitor), linkedIn and YouTube, we leave no rock unturned.


Geek Jarvis Services We Target The Right Audiences To Get More Engagement

We do the research and note down your business user’s personas for targeting the right audiences. We know your business requires individual attention and it has different audience. We target the local and as well as the international audiences for more traffic.


Geek Jarvis Services We Offer You Individual Attention

We know the value of your business, so that we format the strategy according to business standards and run the campaigns on every social media platforms individually. Our professionals study your business thoroughly and then cultivate an individual social media plan for your business.


Geek Jarvis Services Reputation Management

On social media maintaining a good reputation plays a very important role. We take care about it, we maintain your online reputation by making a strategy. We actively follow all the social media platforms and timely schedule the posts for consistency. All the comments are replied by our team, no misleading or ambiguous statements are issued. All the social media activities maintained by our expert team manually.


Geek Jarvis Services We Maintain An Aura For International Recognition

For making your business successful and a brand, we target the audiences worldwide and maintain the standard for International Recognition. With Geek Jarvis be prepared to see your business on the top. We manage your businesses branding for preparing an ora which makes your famous all around the world.


Geek Jarvis Services Ruined Your Social Media Image, Connect With Us Now!

An inactive social media account can harm your online presence and ruined your business especially in these days when there is cut throat competition between rivals. We manage your social media image by implementing the creative ideas and original work. Our experts will help you to fix your social media blunders. We will also take care about the customer and followers reviews about your businesses. Our team’s experience and hard work will pay back with the guaranteed positive results.


Geek Jarvis Services SEO And Content Marketing

Social media doesn’t work without the posting stuff. It’s the game of SEO friendly content and innovative creatives posted on daily basis. For example, all of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube need content in one or the other form. Our team of the geek jarvis pays the special attention on this side of social media. We make sure that your social media posts are in coherence with SEO and follow all the rules and regulations of content marketing. Moreover, we even not charge anything extra, for performing these activities. We dedicatedly work to deliver the good results. we do not charge hidden charges and perform the work in most professional manner.


Geek Jarvis Services Dedicatedly Deliver The Positive Results

Our experts knows the power of social media, we know that if we triggered the social media rightly so we can generate hundreds and thousands of potential leads for your business. At the same time working on social media platforms are the most time consuming marketing strategy. As a result you will get likes, shares and perhaps some viral posts but very few true leads and eventually the campaign will die down. But still our dedicated team members performs the activities for generating the reach and leads. We make the efforts until your business reaches on the top on the social media platforms and becomes the well-known brand.

Our Social Media Marketing Services include:
  • Facebook page integration, Management and Optimization
  • Twitter account integration, Management and Optimization
  • YouTube video production and optimization
  • Branding and Reputation Management
  • Blog Creations, Development and Management