Geek Jarvis Services
PPC Management Services
We offers much more than managing your paid search campaigns, understand the ROI metrics, beyond CTRs and CPCs.

Geek Jarvis experts always follow the PPC advertising management rightly. We target your right audience by running the PPC campaigns for reap the leads right from the day one. We don’t use the black box software and tools for creating the campaigns, instead we use the communicate to a sound researched, thoroughly relevant audience with firm focus for delivering the more conversions in less spend. At entry level our PPC experts and elegant Google adwords certified professionals will mentor you about the PPC usage like they tell you how to manage the account,track results & managing campaigns at scale. They will share the information of insights and bidding timely.

Geek Jarvis Services
Paid Search Marketing

We use the paid business advertising platforms such as Google Adwords & Bing Ads, to boost the visibility, driving the more traffic & generating the lead at an incredible performance rate. In paid search marketing our experts concentrate on four main areas i.e. ad text, landing page relevance, keyword research and keyword grouping. When we run the paid advertisement we take care about the keywords so that the CTR improved. we create, implement & track performing online advertising campaigns aimed at improving revenue with measurable results.

Geek Jarvis Services
PPC Strategy we use the generate revenue

We create and manage the PPC campaigns by planning the framework aligned with the customer’s interest. Our expert team member take care about your paid search advertisements and deliver the ROI in the best proficient manner. We overlook all your business needs and then take the actions for generating the leads using PPC.

  • Setup the new PPC account.
  • Do the research for keyword grouping.
  • Setup new PPC campaigns.
  • Reestablish the existing content.
  • Manage the bid for each PPC advertisement.
  • For maximizing the ROI manage & optimize the campaigns.
  • Establishing the remarketing PPC campaigns and measuring the impacts.
  • Track the conversions using the advanced tracking techniques.
  • Target the audiences based on their demographics and interest.
  • Build the mobile-optimized ads for targeting the smartphone users.
  • Create the actionable PPC campaigns.
  • Follow the ROI metrics for optimizing the conversions.
  • Use the ad extensions for dynamic keyword insertion, site links insertions & for remarketing .
  • Build the clone of th ad for split testing.
  • Provide the on-time detailed report.
We run custom PPC advertising campaigns?
  • Highly Qualified Traffic- We create the PPC campaigns to target the potential customers which drives the quality traffic at considerably lower costs. Our paid search ads strategy managed and optimized by the experts for better CTR.
  • Cost-effective PPC campaigns- Our elegant PPC advertising managers do the needful research before running the campaign so that we can generate prominent results in cost-effective spent by identifying the flaws.
  • Generate greater ROI-We follow your business goals and set the smart goals using PPC campaign for your business to generate the higher ROI being effective, efficient & to the point.
  • Get the faster results- Our PPC experts know how to achieve the better results. We serve the result ASAP.
How to save your business from the PPC campaigns breakdowns?
  • Targeting the wrong landing pages.
  • Using the irrelevant keyword mapping.
  • Not inserting the call-to-action options.
  • Not examine the small variations in ads.
  • Not doing the timely monitoring and optimizing the differences in CTR .
  • Not following the given guidelines for improving the ad rank and boosting the engagement.