Geek Jarvis Services
To drive the multi channel engagement we create the innovative user-centric contents"

We build the industry leading content marketing strategies for getting the potential leads. Fuel your business with the content marketing campaigns and be the well known brand. Knocking the most powerful tools door, you can generate the highly relevant search engine optimized content that users can discover online easily, attracts both organic & non-organic traffic & acquires leads. We target the clearly define targeted audiences using the informative content.


Geek Jarvis Services Defined And Targeted Marketing Goal

In the first stage, We set up all the end-goals that we carving to accomplish to take your business to the next level- whether your website is for B2B, B2C or non-profit organization. We strategize the content persona and then with the full proof planning and keyword research build the perfect engaging content.


Geek Jarvis Services Make The Ground Strategy For Content

We do the research for creating the content calendar based on by doing the research of your business and in-depth competitor analysis. We also do the trendy & hot topics and seasonal research for writing the best content. We do all the possible efforts for maximizing your content’s reach and by following the perfect content outreach strategy and plans you can map your success in the profitable manner.


Geek Jarvis Services Compose The Fascinating & Focused Content

As per your specification of businesses, we write the highly relevant content for delivering the uniqueness. We write for all kind of platforms such as blogs, news, press releases, whitepapers, case-studies, small email pieces, e-newsletters, catalogues, brochures, billboards, postcards, sales letters or online ads etc, we compose the content for all the niches.


Geek Jarvis Services Create The SEO-Friendly Content

We do the keywords research potentially & innovate the new SEO content ideas for writing the fresh and new content, so that you can rank up in the search engine ranking. These efforts bring your business into light and your website will become easily discoverable.


Geek Jarvis Services Publishing Fresh Content

We make the content marketing strategy depending on your business needs. We create a list of the touchpoints that where we publish the fresh written content in the best format. We choose the best applicable platforms like web page, blog post, online PDF, plain HTML or printable etc. with that we also help the businesses to setup their own blogs and guide them for managing and optimizing the blog.


Geek Jarvis Services Share the Content Socially

We share the content on all the possible social media platforms for popularising it by outreaching to the desired audience. We also include the social media strategy into our content marketing campaigns to increasing the reach of the content and to help the businesses branding.


Geek Jarvis Services Analyze Measuring Results

We use the advanced analytic tools for tracking the user engagement, social sharing, readability, content performance and conversions from the different kind of devices like Pcs, tablet and smartphones. We also do the extensive content analysis for customizing it according your business needs & optimize the content strategy accordingly.


Geek Jarvis Services Content Management by CMS

We have a team of expert web developers and thanks to our experts, we can manage all the content on a custom CMS platforms. We can manager all the activities efficiently like- can frequently update site content, manage everything in folders, save the advance write-ups in draft state, update the site-navigation, schedule the content for publishing later, style using WYSIWYG editor, restricting access etc.